Save A Spider Day
Spiders are often misunderstood creatures, so why not have a celebration day for our special friends around the world and try to learn a little about them.
Jumping Spider
Think before you squish! Then, look, remove only if you need to, and learn from these helpful and amazingly diverse animals, hopefully spider lives will be saved by taking the time to learn a little about these fascinating creatures.

It’s true, many people have, or think they have, a fear of spiders. ‘Arachnophobia’, but why? From movies, from others around you, because they don’t look like you? Are your fears rational, has a spider ever done anything to you other than help keep some real pests away?  

Pfff, you say, why are spiders so great? They are extremely beneficial arachnids, and they eat a ton (or so) of insects which are often considered pest species, and which are potentially far more dangerous to humans than any spiders. For example, the top killer in the world is the mosquito (no, not spiders, not even close). Who kills mosquitoes? Spiders do! Spiders are fantastic, generalized hunters. If it’s around their own size or smaller, and they can catch it, they have the potential to eat it; flies, ants, you know the things that ‘bug’ you, things that can potentially carry disease (malaria kills a million or more people a year).

You know what spiders don’t eat? Spiders don’t eat people! Or dogs or cats, not even puppies.

“My cousins, friends, brother was killed by a spider ...”
In the US, we have around 3,000 different species of spiders. Out of those, only a few are of any medical significant to humans, and out of those few, only a handful pose any real concern. Sadly, many other incidents are blamed on spiders, even by medical professionals. Maybe it was a cut or a scrape or a bug bite. Maybe it was scratched with dirty hands, or other some other infection occurred at the site of the wound. Skin infections are often blamed on spider bites. Some skin cancers are mistakenly blamed on spider bites, which can be a very dangerous misdiagnosis. Secondary infections from numerous causes can be blamed on spider bites. Actual spider bites are far less common than perceived.

Well, truth is, for the most part, spiders are very shy animals. They understand that they are small and you are large. It’s true, they are fast, but that’s so they can catch food and also so they can get away if they need to, so they themselves do not become a meal. Spiders do not want to hurt you, do not want to chase you, and do not want to eat you while you sleep.

Webs – wow, webs are fantastic. Now, not all spiders make a web. Spiders can be active hunters and chase down their prey, or lay in wait, or hide under trapdoors (dug out and lined with web underground). Some make strands to detect movement. Some make full, sticky, and glorious webs. Some make blankets of webs on the ground. Silk is known to be one of the strongest materials on earth, and that’s pretty cool.